What is Botox( Botulinum toxin)?

Botox is a protein derived from the bacteria Clostridium Botulinum which prevents nerves to act on muscles, thereby preventing dynamic wrinkles on the face made by muscle contractions. Botox is used in therapeutic and anti-aging treatments. 

A minimally invasive procedure, it takes less than 10 minutes for the treatment on a numbed skin. 

It has zero downtime and has been aptly called a “tea time “procedure. 



How does it work?

  • Botox is reconstituted with normal saline before injecting.
  • It takes upto 3 to 7 days for effects to show completely.


It helps in:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles (WORRIED LOOK)
  • Reducing frown lines (ANGRY LOOK).
  • Treat excessive sweating (armpits, scalp, hands)
  • Treat migraine
  • Correct facial asymmetries
  • Eye brow contouring