What are Peels?

Peels are known to improve skin’s appearance. An acid or combination of acids, Chemical Peels not only benefit your face but also can be done and beneficial for rest of the body such as hands, back, legs, feet and neck. We at Studio SkinQ ensure the best possible results and choose acids that are best for your skin.

How does it work?

Based on your skin type and need, in the process of chemical peels, a gel like substance is applied on the skin and is allowed to rest for a period of time. After which, the same is cleansed or neutralized.

Chemical peels help in:

  • Treating pimples ( acne) 
  • Treating pigmentation ( tan, dull skin, dry patchy skin)
  • Reducing age spots
  • Increasing hydration levels ( get that glow!!)
  • Improving texture of the skin