Tattoo Removal

What is Tattoo removal?
Unlike the popular belief that tattoos are permanent, there are technologies today that remove unwanted tattoos irrespective of the colour of the ink.

What is the treatment like?
Tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment that uses high intensity laser beam on your tattoos to break up the pigment colours of the ink. At Studio SkinQ, we use Tribeam Premium USFDA approved laser, the most preferred and popular laser for this procedure. The target area is numbed before using anaesthesia or numbing cream before using laser beams. This makes the experience pain free.


Some important points to know about the procedure.

  • It takes multiple sessions for the tattoo to fade away
  • Our in-house expert Dr Shruti decides the number of sittings based on the size, colours and age of your tattoo and your skin tone.