The Studio

Studio SkinQ led by Dr Shruti Barde believes that good skin requires commitment.

Why choose us:

We provide the highest level of qualifications in Aesthetics and Anti-Aging medicine making sure you are in good hands.
An in-depth consultation looking at lifestyle and other factors which help us reach the ‘root’ cause of your skin, hair and body concerns providing customised treatment and care
Our treatments are simple to follow and sustainable for long lasting results
We don’t stop at treatments: the treatments are value for money and follow-ups are done meticulously by the clinic. We believe in building trust, and a relationship that lasts for a lifetime.

We are approachable: Dr Shruti Barde is easily accessible and all the patient records are maintained well at the clinic


Reach us for queries related to appointment and treatment details or call us at:
 (+91) 9004 050 566